To determine the cause of a person’s death, autopsy services provide an important means for improving medical outcomes through education and evaluation of treatment response.  Forensic autopsies provide a valuable service to the community for both legal and epidemiologic reasons.

Our pathologists provide forensic autopsy services to the community in close association with county medical examiners and law enforcement.  We also provide medical autopsy services to St. Luke’s Hospital in Cedar Rapids and Allen Memorial Hospital in Waterloo.  We work closely with funeral home directors in carrying out our service.

Family members may contract with the autopsy service for a private autopsy on a fee per service basis.  Our pathologists will be happy to discuss our autopsy procedures and recommend either a full autopsy or a limited autopsy based on the questions family members have about their loved one.  Private autopsies can only be performed with permission and a signed consent form from the legal next of kin.  Payment is required before autopsy services will be conducted.